• ENGEL TEVAN István

    ENGEL TEVAN István (1936 - 1996)

    István Engel Tevan, graphic artist  born in 1936 graduated at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts in 1962.He worked from the 60'th until his death in 1996 mostly as a book illustrator. His illustrations and/or dust jackets appeared in more then 300 volumes. His solo graphic works are also mostly inspired by literature - e.g.Bulgakov, LeSage, Calvino, Singer and the Bible serieses. Many of his works... more »

  • SZABÓ Vladimir

    SZABÓ Vladimir (1905 - 1991)

    The hungarian graphic art in the last century gave several significant lifework to the history of european fine art. One of the most excellent was Szabó Vladimir, whom drawing was a lifestyle, not only a way of thinking. – he has belonged to the great master of drawing. Even thought the longer intermission, he was filling up, and saved power to the keen work. Szabó Vladimir was born in 1905 in... more »