• ABA-NOVÁK Vilmos (1894 - 1941)

    Vilmos Aba-Novák painter and graphic artist. He was born in Budapest, 15th March, 1894. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, than between 1914-1918 he worked int he art colony of Szolnok with scholarship. After that he took part in a further training at the graphic professorship of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. His masters were Imre Révész, Adolf Fényes and Viktor Olgyai. His... more »

  • AKNAY János (1949 - )

    János Aknay painter and sclupture artist. He was born in Nyíregyháza on 28th February 1949. He studied at the Hight School of Applied and Fine Arts. Since 1980 he is a member of the Graphic Workshop of Szendendre, and since 1992 he works in the art colony of Szentendre. Many of his works are shown in public places in SZentendre, Budapest, Nagycenk and in Balatonboglár. Many of his artworks are... more »

  • ARTNER Margit

    ARTNER Margit (1954 - )

    Margit Artner graphic artist. She was born January 16ht 1954 in Budapest. She started studying art at College of Fine – and Applied Arts, and graduated in 1972 in goldsmith specializaton. Since that, her illustrations appear in several presses and books. Her first exhibition was held in Csepel Gallery in 1982. After that she appeared in several exhibitions of hight standard. She regularly takes... more »