• Salvador DALÍ

    Salvador DALÍ (1904 - 1989)

    Dalí Salvador painter. He was born in Fugires, 11th May, 1904. He studied at the Art Academy of Madrid. His first solo exhibition was hold in 1925. He first apparead in America in 1932. His first writing which was about the eatable beauty, was published one year later. He took part in several surrealist exhibitions, buti n 1939 he broked up with this art trend. From 1940 he spent a couple of... more »


    Niki DE SAINT PHALLE (1930 - 2000)

    Niki de Saint Phalle painter and graphic artist. She was born in 29th October 1930 in Hauts-de-Seine, France. The family moved to America in 1933, and after her marriage Niki moved to Massachusetts. In this time, when she was eighteen, she started to paint by herself. The artworks of Antoni Gaudi made a big influence on her. Some of her scluptures may remain the Güell Park. She made... more »

  • DIENES Gábor (1948 - 2010)

    Gábor DIenes painter and graphic artist. He was born on 12th March 1948 in Debrecen. He graduated in 1972 on the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts.  His masters were Aurél Bernáth and Szilárd Iván. Between 1975- 1978 ge got the Derkovits-scholarship. He was one of the founders of the art conony of Csongrád. Next to several Hungarian exhibitions he had solo showing in Hamburg, Genf, Köln, New York... more »

  • DOMOKOS Géza

    DOMOKOS Géza (1947 - )

    He was born in Budapest in 1947. He graduated at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as a painter, but later he became popular for his picture- and book- graphic works and illustrations.His journeys in Europe take important part in his experiences in the symbolic structures of different cultural circles, which, combined with his personal mythology, became the most typical features of his art... more »

  • DRÉGELY László (1932 - 1990)

    László Drégely painter and scene-designer. He was born in Pécs, 15th April, 1932. He studied in the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts. His masters were Endre Bálint, Jenő Gadányi, and József Litkai. He made several scene-design for films and theater plays next to the big amount of graphical works and paintings. Solo exhibitions of him were held in Budapest, Dunaújváros, Tata, Miskolc... more »

  • DURAY Tibor (1912 - 1988)

    Tibor Duray painter and graphic artist. He was born on 21th January 1912 in Budapest. He studied at the free school of Aba-Novák Vilmos, and from he second half of the 30-s he worked at the art conoy of Szolnok. Between 1937-1938 by the scholarship of the Hungarian Roman Academy, he spent two years in Italy. Later he travelled into Transylvania and Paris. At first his works were shown in the... more »