Niki DE SAINT PHALLE (1930 - 2000)

    Niki de Saint Phalle painter and graphic artist. She was born in 29th October 1930 in Hauts-de-Seine, France. The family moved to America in 1933, and after her marriage Niki moved to Massachusetts. In this time, when she was eighteen, she started to paint by herself. The artworks of Antoni Gaudi made a big influence on her. Some of her scluptures may remain the Güell Park. She made... more »

  • SOLTI Gizella

    SOLTI Gizella (1931 - 2015)

    Tanulmányok: 1950-1955 Magyar Iparművészeti Főiskola, Mestere: Ferenczy Noémi; 1946-1950 Szépműves Líceum, Vezető tanár: Göllner Miklós Egyéni kiállítások1962 • Fényes Adolf Terem, Budapest1971 • Műcsarnok, Győr1976 • Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest1979 • Helikon Galéria, Budapest1980 • Magyar Intézet, Szófia1981 • Művelődési Ház, Vác (kat.)1982 • Zwinger, Kőszeg (kat.)1984 • Fészek Galéria... more »

  • SOMOGYI Ferenc (1962 - )

    Ferenc Somogyi was born in Budapest on 1962. He studied at the Hight Scool of Fine and Applied Arts on design- sclupture specialisation. He lives and works in Budaörs since 1994. He takes part in groupal exhibitions and has solo showings since 2001. What is hiding in wood I love wood, all my desire is to create such small sculptures and reliefs which are interesting and beautiful, cause joy and... more »

  • SOMOS Miklós (1933 - 2009)

    Miklós Somos painter. He was born on 17th January 1933 in Miskolc. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. His master was Géza Fónyi. He regularly took part in Hungary and abroad in biennales. Next to painting he also made a few ceramic-pictures. Some wrintings by him are published. Many of his works are shown in public places and public building alround Hungary. His painting are kept... more »

  • Friedrich Schröder SONNENSTERN

    Friedrich Schröder SONNENSTERN (1892 - 1982)

    Friedrich Schröder Sonnenstern painter and graphic artist. One of the most known artist of Art Brut. He was born in Szovjetszk, Russia 11th September, 1892. He had started painting late, in 1933, when he was attended in a mental hospital in Neustadt. He made his first picture by sugastion of Hans Ralf expressionist Painter. His first exhibition was held int he 50-s, and soon he become to said the... more »

  • SULYOK Gabriella (1939 - )

    Gabriella Sulyok graphic artist. She was born march 12th, 1939 in Sopron. She got her degree in 1964 at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. Her masters were Jenő Barcsay and Géza Főnyi. After she had finished her studies, she lived a few years in Baghdad. She moved back to Hungary in 1970. Six years later she got the Derkovits- scholarship. Her beloved techniques are individuar drawing, eching... more »

  • SZABÓ Vladimir

    SZABÓ Vladimir (1905 - 1991)

    The hungarian graphic art in the last century gave several significant lifework to the history of european fine art. One of the most excellent was Szabó Vladimir, whom drawing was a lifestyle, not only a way of thinking. – he has belonged to the great master of drawing. Even thought the longer intermission, he was filling up, and saved power to the keen work. Szabó Vladimir was born in 1905 in... more »

  • SZALAY Lajos

    SZALAY Lajos (1909 - 1995)

    Painter, graphic artist. Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, 1927-1936. His master was Ágost Benkhard. 1936 Bertalan Székely prize, and the award of the capital, 1944 graphic award of the Szinyei Merse Association, 1947 UNESCO scholarship, Paris, 1978 prize of (Szép Magyar könyv) the Good Hungarian Book tender, 1982 silver medal of the IBA – International Artbook Exhibition, Leipzig, 1988 Winter... more »

  • Claire SZALAY PHIPPS (1950 - )

    She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The family relocated to NYC in 1960. Although I was accepted into the High School of Music and Art in 1964, my father opted to continue teaching me himself. In 1968 I attended the University of Fine Arts in Budapest, my parents’ alma mater. Upon returning to the states, I continued my studies at the Art Students League of New York with various teachers and... more »

  • SZALMA Edit (1964 - )

    Edit Szalma graphic artist. She was born in Vásárosnamény in 28th February. She studied at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. Her master was József Árendás. In 1999 she got the scholarship of the Foundation for the Hungarian Graphic. She have had several solo exhibitions in Hungary and she have taken part in group exhibitions in München, Ottenstein, Paris and Portland. She... more »

  • SZÁNTÓ Piroska (1913 - 1999)

    Piroska Szántó graphic artist was born December 7 th, 1913 in Kiskunfélegyháza. She studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, her masters were István Szőnyi and János Vaszary. From 1937 she worked with the artists at the art colony of Szentendre. From 1945 she was a member of the European School until it discontimued. In 1971 she got Munkács-price, in 1973 she got the price called Érdemes... more »

  • SZÁSZ Endre (1926 - 2003)

    Endre Szász graphic- and painter artist. He was born January 7th 1926 in Csíkszereda. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. His master was István Szőnyi. His most important technics were individual drawing, eching and drypoint, but from the 60’s he made more and more pictures by painting. From 1970 he lived a couple of years in Toronto, than in Los Angeles. After he moved home he... more »

  • SZEMETHY Imre (1945 - )

    Imre Szemethy graphic artist. He was born February 28 th 1945 in Budapest. He studied at the Hungarian Academy od Fine Arts. His masters were Jenő Barcsay, Sándor Ék and Géza Fónyi. He made a great work by illustrating books and newpapers, He makes individual graphics, ink drawings and echings. Than he makes animated films. He regularly takes part, ang got prices in hungarian and international... more »