István Engel Tevan Animal-Human-Monster exhibition

István Engel Tevan Animal-Human-Monster exhibition Duration of the exhibition:

22/01/2011 - 15/02/2011

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István Engel Tevan

István Engel Tevan – Animal-Human-Monster exhibition

Graphic artist István Engel Tevan worked as a book illustrator from the sixties until his death in 1996. His other graphic works are more or less also in connection with literature. His favorite techniques are etching, pen and Indian ink works. In his last years he made picturesque pencil drawings.
The title of the exhibition is in connection with the book of the Polish author Konwinczki called animal-human-monster which was printed in 1972 and illustrated by the artist. Animal depiction follows  the work of Engel Tevan. With his grotesque way he shows expressively the animal in men and the human in animals.
At the exhibition of Jászi Gallery there are works from the early years of his studies until the last period of his work. There are works shown which are unknown to the public.


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